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Bangor Hydro Electric Company Customers to See Rate Changes in Upcoming Bills

Release Date:  06-28-2013

Bangor, ME— Bangor Hydro Electric Company customers will see a small change in electric delivery charges, as a result of changes in both transmission and stranded cost rates.  A transmission rate decrease took effect June 1 and a stranded cost rate increase takes effect July 1.  The net effect will be a small increase in the delivery charges for most customers.    

The change in delivery charges will affect all Bangor Hydro customers.  The change will amount to about a 0.55 percent or about a forty-four cent increase for a residential customer with an average monthly bill of $80. 

The new rates will be posted at www.bangorhydro.com as of July 1, 2013.

The transmission component of the electricity delivery rate is adjusted annually, based on a formula filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Stranded costs are regulated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission and are principally related to power generation and power purchase obligations that arose as a result of electric industry restructuring in 2000.  Stranded costs also include the cost of long-term contracts for renewable energy that are required under State programs today.

Bangor Hydro is an electricity delivery company. Our role is to deliver electricity that is generated or supplied by others.