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Emera Maine customers to see electric rate adjustments

Release Date:  06-30-2014

Bangor, ME—Emera Maine customers will see adjustments in the delivery portion of their electric bill.

When fully implemented on July 1, these rate changes will have the effect of a $2.89 increase per month on the total Emera Maine bill for residential customers with average usage in Bangor Hydro District and a 13 cent decrease of per month for residential customers with average usage in the Maine Public District.  Monthly average residential usage in Bangor Hydro District amounts to $89.09 and for Maine Public District $80.40 when the new rates are implemented. 

These changes include the proposed distribution rate change announced last fall, as well as changes to transmission and stranded cost rates.

Rates for Maine Public District customers are going down, largely because of increases in transmission revenues and decreases in stranded costs.

Distribution rates have not increased since July 15, 2006 for Maine Public District and January 1, 2008 for Bangor Hydro District. Emera Maine has been able to avoid distribution rate increases because of savings achieved by merging the two companies to become Emera Maine.  Delivery rates with this change remain lower than they were ten years ago, and have increased at a rate less than the rate of inflation.

Stranded cost rates include the costs of energy resource obligations entered into prior to electric industry restructuring.  Also included are costs and benefits related to more recent long term contracts that are required through State policy, such as contracts with renewable generators.

Emera Maine is an electricity delivery company. Our role is to deliver electricity that is generated or supplied by others and to maintain the transmission and distribution system that makes that delivery possible.

The new rates will be posted at www.emeramaine.com as of July 1, 2014.