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Transmission Projects

Emera Maine is responsible for the safe and reliable operation of the electric system in Eastern and Northern Maine. The power network has two components: transmission and distribution. The higher voltage power network that carries electricity long distances is considered transmission. The lower voltage lines delivering power to customers’ homes or businesses are considered distribution.

The transmission development component of our business ensures that we assess needs and build or maintain infrastructure such that it can continue to serve customer needs, both reliably and safely.

Transmission system upgrades are completed to meet reliability and capacity needs. A few of these projects include:

  • Northeast Reliability Interconnect (2006) - A new 85-mile, 345 kilovolt transmission line from Orrington to the Canadian border interconnecting with a similar line in New Brunswick. This project established an important redundant international connection and increased power flow capacity.
  • Downeast Reliability Project - The Downeast Reliability Project is a new 43 mile long, 115kV transmission line extending from Ellsworth to Harrington/Columbia with a new substation in Sullivan and switching stations in Ellsworth and Columbia. The project has brought significant improvement in electrical reliability and provides important energy infrastructure to support economic growth in the Downeast region. This project also included the rebuild of an older line and provides a stronger system for the connection of potential renewable electrical generation in the future. The project was completed in December 2012. Download the Downeast Reliability Project brochure here
  • Hancock County Reliability Project (2008) - A new 14-mile, 115 kilovolt transmission line from Ellsworth to Trenton. This project brings a significant improvement to electrical reliability for customers in lower Hancock County by creating a redundant and higher capacity connection to the region.
  • Keene Road 345 kV Substation (2010) - A new 345 kilovolt substation to feed our northern system. This new connection establishes a redundant and stronger feed to the Northern division to serve existing customers and support future load growth.
  • Line 64 Rerate (2011) - A 44-mile reconstruction of an existing, 40-year-old 115 kilovolt transmission line feeding Bangor Hydro's northern region. This new line from Veazie to Chester creates important redundancy to our customers in this region.
  • MDI Reliability Project - The MDI Reliability Project is a combination of local transmission and distribution upgrades to improve service to multiple coastal island communities with a combined load of approximately 30MW. The key objectives of this project are to establish two redundant feeds onto MDI, which would provide a back-up in case one line is out of service. These upgrades are designed to establish a robust on-island network to meet reliability and capacity needs of customers for the next 20 years.
  • Orrington / MPRP Upgrade Project - The Orrington / MPRP Upgrade Project is comprised of three physical upgrades required to accommodate Central Maine Power's (CMP) Maine Power Reliability (MPRP) Project. The Orrington substation is a hub for the transmission system in our service territory, and a primary interface between our system and CMP's. Two additional structures are needed to accept a 345 kV line and a 115 kV line. These two new line terminations are part of the MPRP project. Once constructed, Emera Maine has an agreement with CMP to own and operate the line facilities in our service territory. An existing capacitor bank will also be reconfigured.
  • Steve Sloan, Manager of Transmission Development
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  • Clean Energy & Transmission - As previously announced in a press release dated July 7, 2014, Emera Maine and Central Maine Power (CMP) signed a memorandum of understanding for joint project development to improve links between southern New England and northern Maine. This joint development activity involves electric transmission projects to enhance the strength and capacity of the state’s bulk power grid and improve access for new generation resources.

    On February 25, 2015, three New England States issued a Draft Request for Proposals for Clean Energy and Transmission. This can be found online at http://cleanenergyrfp.com.

  • Parties interested in discussing how the Emera Maine/CMP MOU projects may relate to the anticipated Clean Energy and Transmission Request for Proposal should contact the following:

    Alan Richardson, Vice President, Transmission
    Emera Maine
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