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People are talking about ductless heat pumps!

Video Testimonials

Professor Richard Hill Professor Richard Hill discusses his personal experience using a ductless, mini-split heat pump.
Lillian and Angelo Zanchi
Lillian and Angelo Zanchi discuss their personal experience using a ductless, mini-split heat pump.
Sharon Barker
Sharon Barker discusses her personal experience using a ductless, mini-split heat pump.

Written Testimonial

Brent Bubar
“My heat pump is performing great; we haven’t had any weather where it hasn’t worked well. I haven’t had to use the oil furnace at all to heat the house.”
Brent Bubar, Woodland
John Kingsbury “As a small business owner I was looking for ways to cut my heating costs. I highly recommend ductless, mini-split heat pumps. My only re-gret is that I didn’t have them in¬stalled sooner.” John Kingsbury, President
Whitten’s 2-Way Service – Brewer
Mary Lou Weaver and Belle "I’m really pleased with my decision to install a heat pump. The rebates, tax credit and special electric rate all made it affordable. Even on the coldest days my heat pump keeps my home very comfortable.."

Mary Lou Weaver and Belle
Winter Harbor

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Emera Maine provides electric delivery service to two areas – the Bangor Hydro District and the Maine Public District.

  • The Bangor Hydro District includes Hancock, Piscataquis and Washington Counties and most of Penobscot County.
  • The Maine Public District serves Aroostook County and a small piece of Penobscot County.

Because some information varies by District, please identify your District on the map above, or enter your town or zipcode. If you need information on both Districts,  switch back and forth at any time by selecting the district selector button.

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