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Outages and Restoration

Outages And Restoration

Outages and Restoration

During a power outage, we understand that you want your power back as soon as possible and that you want to know how long it will take to restore service.

We provide an estimated restoration time to let you know approximately how long your power will be out. Our estimated restoration times are generally based on the worst case scenarios in similar situations. Often we are able to restore power sooner than we predict, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

Widespread damage from a severe storm may make it impossible to accurately predict when a particular customer's power will be restored, especially in the early phases of an outage when the extent of the damage is being assessed. When determining the estimated restoration time, we take a number of things into consideration, such as:

  • Location of the problem and how long it may take for our crews to get there.
  • Weather conditions that may delay travel time.
  • The number of outages in our system at that time. This requires us to prioritize so that we restore power to as many customers as possible as quickly as possible.

Reporting an Outage

Report your outage using our Online Outage Report Form or by calling us at (207) 973-2000 or 1-855-EMERA-11 (1-855-363-7211).

Additional Information

So who can see our website during a power outage? Actually, quite a few people:

  • Customers with cellphones or tablets and a mobile data plan.
  • Customers who have battery-operated laptop computers and a working phone connection.
  • Your friends and family who still have power and with whom you may have contact.
  • Certain media outlets — local, regional and national — who are able to check our site for updates and may be able to report to you via radio.

We are committed to doing everything possible to restore power services quickly and safely, and keeping our customers informed of our progress.

For more outage information, visit our Be Prepared page.

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Maine Public Service District Bangor Hydro District


Emera Maine provides electric delivery service to two areas – the Bangor Hydro District and the Maine Public District.

  • The Bangor Hydro District includes Hancock, Piscataquis and Washington Counties and most of Penobscot County.
  • The Maine Public District serves Aroostook County and a small piece of Penobscot County.

Because some information varies by District, please identify your District on the map above, or enter your town or zipcode. If you need information on both Districts,  switch back and forth at any time by selecting the district selector button.

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